Facebook currently ranks as the number one social media site in the world. More than 800 million people use the site every day, as well as more than 300 million businesses. The site is fun, offers many activities that keep members socializing, and even works as a great promotional tool that can help you build a credible name. One of the Facebook activities that everyone loves is the ‘groups.’ Likely, you’re a member of a few groups on the site so already have a bit of knowledge. What you may not realize, however, is how beneficial it can be to start your own group. Never fear. Take a look at these 5 reasons to start a group and don’t wait to get started.


    1. Promote: One of the biggest reasons to create a group is to promote. Whether you want to promote your business, brand, or simply your name, it is easy to share with hundreds to thousands of people once a nice group is created. You can share your Instagram pages in your group and easily get tons of followers. It is almost as useful as buying Instagram followers and likes!


    1. You’re in Control: Pick the topic, who joins the group, the range of conversation, and all of the rules. You’re the boss and control every aspect of the group. It provides an amazing chance to showcase your expertise to others, to make new friends, and educate yourself on a variety of topics that you choose.


    1. Meet New People: Many people prefer to socialize online these days. When you come together with others from locales around the world, it is easy to meet awesome people who share the same interests as your own.


    1. Loyal Fans: If you want to gain loyal fans that are true to your company, it is easy to do with a group. Consumers who join the group and enjoy what they encounter will surely become the loyal fans who help promote your brand and keep you afloat. It feels great to know so many loyal fans have your back and when there is a group in place, that assurance is yours.


    1. 24/7 Marketing: No matter the time of the day or the night, groups allow you to market yourself or brand when you are online and when you are off. Once the group members become active, a lot of the hard work is taken care of for you, although your name is still on the group list!


There are thousands of groups already on Facebook. It’s time your group becomes the very next to join the fun. There are far more benefits than what’s been listed here, which only adds more excitement to the ordeal! Facebook groups are just as easy to create as a personal account and take only a matter of minutes to set up and begin using. It doesn’t matter what you want to talk about, your location, or if you’re a business owner or an everyday Joe, creating a group is an idea that you don’t want to pass by. It is certainly one of the best promotional tools that you can use.