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Every Donation Counts!

GAAH 4-28-2015 41The creation of glass art requires a lot of energy – unlike typical glass making facilities, our kilns and equipment are constantly kept ready to serve the largest number of students and artists as we possibly can. As long as we can receive grants and donations from people like you, we can keep the lights on and continue to teach and show the community the amazing artistry, techniques, and history hidden behind all glass art, from the glasses and vases you use every day to the intricate glass sculptures found in museums world-wide.

Your donation will go directly towards keeping our studio running and will pay for everything we do as part of our mission, including running classes, workshops, and community events; bringing in world-class artists and instructors to share their knowledge with local students and artisans; and providing the best equipment we can to give everyone the potential to create incredible glass works.

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