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Book the studio

Want to book the studio or have questions? Give us a call or email us!

Makerspace hours are designated times when technicians are available for people on a weekly basis to come through and use our studio, which includes but is not limited to the hot glass studio, the cold glass studio, the flame glass studio, our fabrication space, work pick up, and general visitation of the studio and gallery by guests. Makerspace technicians are trained to help renters and students use our tools and facilities. Members of the public are encouraged to come by during makerspace hours and view the local artist community in action! See our events calendar to see available makerspace hours.

Studio rental: Outside of hours designated to makerspace, classes, and general events, areas of the studio are available for individuals to rent subject to the restrictions and prices below.

For information about the available equipment and photos of our tools and kilns, go to Our Studio page.

Hot Glass Studio Rental Prices

Hot glass studio rental is required to be scheduled in advance by at least 48 hours and is generally available on Mondays, Thursday afternoons, Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. The minimum rental period is 3 hours. Extra glass may be purchased for the cost of materials after shipping. If you are doing sand casting, time is available beforehand for prepping sand and molds.

To book the hot glass studio:

  1. Check our events calendar and choose the day(s) and time(s) you wish to reserve.
  2. Contact us via phone or email.
Item Price
3 hours of studio use: includes small glory hole, 30 lbs furnace glass, one color oven, pipe warmer, powder booth, pipes and punties, shop hand tools, wood block, and small bench $135
3 hour garage usage $45
Up to 4 hours of sand casting with 40 lbs. glass $180
Up to 4 hours of sand casting with with full furnace (40-90 lbs) and kiln $230
30 pounds extra crystal $50
Per oxygen bottle for use of oxygen propane torches such as ranger or major hand torches $75
Per bottle of mapp gas or propane hand bottle torches used as polishing or torching flames $30
1 day for long annealing cycle past standard half day anneal $50
Fees during cleanup time None

Cold Glass Studio Rental Prices

The cold glass studio is available for rent on a walk-in basis.

Item Price
1 hour of studio use for those who already know how to use the tools. Includes access to the grinding lathe, belt sander, flat wheel, foredom, 14″ wet saw, 18″ drill press, murinie chopper, wet circular saw, wet angle grinders, and assorted cold shop accessories. $15
Cerium Oxide Super Ox is available for purchase to polish your glass. $50 Kilo
Fees during cleanup time None

Flame Glass Studio Rental Prices

The flame glass studio is available for rent on a walk-in basis. Extra glass may be purchased for the cost of materials after shipping. Monthly members can store their own oxygen tank.

Item Price
1 hour of studio use, basic torch use, hand tools, crystal, and space in kiln $15
Additional oxygen bottle $75

Fusing Kiln

Item Price
1 day of use $50

Fabrication Space

Item Price
1 day of use $50
1 month of use $500
1 month of loft storage space for the footprint of a standard pallet (the loft has easy studio access for frequent users) $200