Many people hope that they can just write some things and get people’s attention on social media. While the written word is definitely important, it’s also vital to remember that a picture says a thousand words. Not only should you be posting words about what you’re doing, but adding videos and images can go a long way.

What benefits do images and videos have for you as a business owner or a social media marketer? Are they worth the time and effort that you are planning on putting into everything? And how can you make sure that they work? Here are some reasons that you may want to put some elbow grease into video and images for social media marketing.

They Gain Your Followers

After you’ve started the first round of getting followers, where you buy likes Instagram and start getting people interested in your site because of how many likes you’ve gotten that way, you’ll have to keep people around. You also need to try and get more followers in the future. People don’t just want to read words – it’s images and video that are going to catch their attention and keep it with you for the long haul, and that will make a difference.

They Garner Attention

Have you ever seen the posts that “go viral” and get thousands of views in a short period of time? Many of them include videos or images as part of them. People care about what is going on and they will share things that they find interesting or important for other people to check out. If you’ve put an image or video in your posts, you’re much more likely to get likes and follows, and your share rate goes up exponentially. All of those things bring more attention to your site.

They’re Fun for You and Other People

Everyone needs a bit of levity in their lives and video and images can really provide that to people. If you’re looking for a way to really get in touch with your audience, one of the best ways for you to do so is to go ahead and make some video. Talk about what your business is doing. Take pictures of things that happen on a normal day and get people involved in the daily to-do’s. When you get into the groove of things, you’ll find that it’s a lot of fun and the people who are on the other side of the computer screen will enjoy it as well.

Look at what is going on and see what is going to be available for your purposes. More often than not, you will find that there are a lot of options for you to work with and that you’re going to be able to find some solutions that make sense for your needs and your budget. Look into making a video and taking pictures. It’s fun and it can really be the thing that gets your business social media off of the ground.