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All the glass workshops are designed around learning the processes of hot glass, whether solid sculpted or blown, as well as cold glass cutting, engraving, and polishing. In all of our special programs students receive one-on-one instruction and make glass products to take home. Students should be prepared to work alongside glass artists as they are taught fundamentals of glass as well as a well-rounded view of glass in our world through time over the past 5,000 years of glass history. Our workshops are designed for everyone of all ages, from the amateur to the professional glass worker. Every season we also feature seasonal workshops on making glass.


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Epic Workshops

Jermel-Lynn Quillopo at one of our hot date Valentine's Day workshops.

Hot Date Night In The Hot Shop

$250 per couple
3 hours


As featured in Honolulu Pulse – looking for a special night with a special someone to get hot and sweaty? Our most popular unique workshop allows a couple to experience a night in the hot shop for that special moment. Here the couple will work together to create objects in glass. Often creating burning hearts of love, students may also choose to make other sculpted or blown objects as they desire. This night is topped off with pupus and beverages to make a special date to remember for a lifetime! Perfect for celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, a new date, or to rekindle the fires of love!

Available by Appointment Saturday nights 6-9pm, or for special dates like anniversaries and birthdays.  

Go to our Calendar to sign up for a Hot Date in the Hot Shop on Saturdays.

Email Inquiries for Special Scheduling Date Nights

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Hot Glass Group Therapy Session

$250 per group up to 5 students
3 hours

$500 per group up to 10 students
3 hours


For that special time with a group of friends, this glass workshop is designed for group therapy in the glass shop. This unique workshop was requested by our students and is now a standard workshop available to everyone! Students work together to create objects in glass, either sculpted or blown objects. This workshop is perfect for a session with friends or for groups visiting the island.

Available by Appointment Sundays 11-2pm or 2-5pm, and  for special dates like anniversaries,birthdays and visiting friends.  

Go to our Calendar to sign up for a Hot Date in the Hot Shop on Sundays.

Email Inquiries for Special Scheduling Date Nights