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Artist-Ted Clark-Sculpting A School Of Tangs

Learn About Spearfishing Omilu Ulua, an Artist in Residence in the Surface Gallery at the Spalding House, Honolulu Museum of Art!  Click on the link to learn more and visit the interactive glass and multimedia installation until February 21!

Spearfishing Omilu Ulua



Ted Clark specializes in Sculptural and FUNctional Glass using blown and solid working processes in the hot and cold glass studios. Clark created Glass Arts Association of Hawaii, a non profit glass organization which operates a studio, school, makers’ space, and events center here on Oahu, evolved from Taonga Glass. which is a public access glass studio, school, and event center, and also creates glass found in galleries nationwide. Clark’s glass work has been collected internationally and received awards in juried competitions nationally and locally. Clark’s glass has published in national magazines, local newspapers, and national and international books. Clark started with glass in 1997. Clark later graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2004 with two degrees, a Bachelor of the Arts in Sculpture, and a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Ecology. Clark has written and published articles in the art and science fields. Clark has learned glass from masters around the world in work and education settings, glass factories, and art school systems during his career. Clark’s goal with glass is to create objects that affect people lives, whether it be teaching the ecological systems of our reefs or the importance of a daily “glass” of water. Historical and cultural aspects of glass, society, and functionality are all issues in every creation of glass by Edward Clark. Clark continues the history of over five thousands of years of glassmaking, older than our written word, and teaches people about the importance of glass to culture. Melting precious elements from around the world while sculpting with light through glass, Clark’s creations become a unique perspective of our daily life around us.

Artist Statement

“As an artist I combine my love of glass with the everyday environment around. My daily goal is to educate those around me, showing processes of glass that have been part of society for ages, while producing ecological situations that we can learn from through glass sculpture. I intend to bring the marine ecosystems into peoples every day lives, through creating glass sculptures and vessels for people to interact with. Some days I find myself sculpting a school of millet seed butterflies hiding in corals occupying the stems of a set of wine glasses. Other days I find myself sculpting cleaner wrasse and surgeonfishes eating algae and parasites off large sea turtles, talking about reef cleaning stations for marine health. In the past showcasing these ecological situations to highlight my favorite animals, corals, and the reefs they produce as well as endemic situations and symbiotic relationships. Spearfishing has recently saved my life, while it also feeds my family, so I have been dedicating the last year and a half to producing sculptures that embody the acts of spearfishing diner and the culture behind the hunt. ‘Daily Catch’ is a body of work I started, based on what fish find their way on the end of my spear that day, later on the end of my glass punty to sculpt the specific fish. I use my sculpture as a tool to educate people about the environment, cultural awareness, for answers to things such as why we ask for a ‘glass of water’. As an artist every day I strive to create a better future, and find the best way to do that to the world wide community is through making glass and creating dialogues in communities for people to evolve.”


Selected Recent Exhibitions of Artwork

  • 2013-14 Glass Lifeforms. International Glass Exhibit in honor of the Blascka Family. Open exhibit online www.glasslifeforms.org. Juried Exhibit starts at Hodge Gallery Pittsburgh PA.
  • 2014-2006 Hawaii Glass Artists Annual Exhibit. Group Show at Marks Garage, Honolulu HI
  • 2013, 2009 & 2007 46th, 42nd and 40th Hawaii Craftsman Statewide Juried Annual Exhibition. Group Show at The Honolulu Academy of the Arts, Honolulu HI
  • 2013-10 Windward Artist Guild 51st – 54th Annual Member Exhibition. Ho’omaluhia Gardens, Kaneohe HI
  • 2013-2004 Annual Goblet Show. The Glass House, Seattle WA
  • 2012-09 Glass Now Auction. Annual Show at National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia PA
  • 2012-10 Association of Hawaii Artists Juried Annual Aloha Show. Honolulu Hale, Honolulu, HI
  • 2010 Under the Surface of the Northwest. Solo Show at The Glass House, Seattle WA
  • 2010 Once Upon a Snorkel. Solo Window Installation at Marks Garage, through Hawaii Craftsmen, Honolulu, HI.
  • 2009 Dakine, Local Perspectives. Group show in Chinatown, Honolulu HI.
  • 2008 Underwater Paradise. Solo Show at Da Factory, Haiku Maui HI
  • 2008 Hawaii’s Reef. Solo Show at The Glass House, Seattle WA
  • 2007 2007 Hawaii Artist Exhibition. Group Show at Bethel St. Gallery, Honolulu HI
  • 2006 Contemporary Portraits. Group show at Repenning Fine Arts, Haddon Heights NJ
  • 2006 Investigating the Figure. Solo show at The Glass House, Seattle WA
  • 2005 Inspired by the Figure. Solo show at Viscosity Glass, Seattle WA
  • 2004 Space and Time. Group show at D’adamo and Woltz Gallery, Seattle WA

Selected Collections of Work

  • New Zealand Embassy in China owns a Maori Patu Sculpture from 2004.

Selected Demonstrations

  • Glass Art Society Conference Seattle 2011: Piecing together an Ecosystem

Selected Awards

  • 54th Annual Windward Artist Guild Juried Show 2013. Best in Show 3D, Cane Bowl.
    2nd Annual Windward Artist Guild Annual Open Show 2012. 3D First Place, Emperors Throne.
  • Association of Hawaii Artists 42nd Annual Contemporary Juried Show 2011. 3D First Place, Study of Self.
  • Association of Hawaii Artists Annual Juried Show 2010. Best in Show 3D, ROY
  • Niche Award Finalist 2011, 2 categories with Sculpture for Cleaning Station and Functional with Wedding Stemware; a national art award.
  • Windward Artist Guild 51st Annual Member Exhibition 2010. Curators Choice Award received for Cuttlefish. Kaneohe HI.
  • Association of Hawaii Artists Aloha Show at Honolulu Hale 2010. 2nd place for 3D. White Emerald.
  • Dakine, Local Perspectives. 2009 Group show in Chinatown, Honolulu HI. Received Honorable Mention award for 3D Art, Shark Cruise.

Selected Bibliography

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  • New York Times, July 07 1997, written by Geanne Rossenberg, Business Section page 1. Legal Uncertainty Clouds Status of Contracts on Internet.

Active Art Organization Memberships

  • Association of Hawaii Artists since 2010
  • The American Society of Marine Artists since 2010
  • Glass Art Society since 1999. Demonstrated 2011 Piecing Together an Ecosystem
  • Hawaii Craftsmen since 2006. Newsletter Writer 2012
  • Hawaii Glass Artists since 2006. Board Member 2012
  • Windward Artists Guild since 2010.
  • Corning Museum of Glass, NY since 2006.
  • Honolulu Academy of the Arts, HI since 2006.
  • Museum of Modern Art, NY since 2008


  • The Evergreen State College Olympia WA 1999-2004
    Bachelor of Arts in the Fine Arts of Sculpture.
    Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Ecology.
  • University of Hawaii Honolulu HI 2006
    Graduate Studies in Glass and Business.
  • Corning Museum of Glass Corning NY 2006, 2009, 2010
    Glass Sculpture with Pino Signoretto 2010
    Venetian Techniques with Elio Quarisa 2009
    Venetian Glass with William Gudenrath 2006
    Techniques learned from instructors Jiri Harcuba, Martin Rosol, and Nick Mount while attending other classes.
  • Pilchuck Glass School Stanwood WA 2010
    Glass Sculpture with Dino Rosin 2010
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center Seattle WA 2000-2009
    Soft Glass courses from but not limited to Sean Albert, Rik Allen, Shelly Muzyiowski Allen, Cathy Chase, Jasen Johnsen, Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen,
    Chad Holliday, Boyd Sugiki, and Ross Richmond.
    Glass Equipment Fabrication and Technical Courses from Fred Metz.
    Additional courses in Bronze Casting, Metal, Forging, mold making, and glass.
  • Repenning Fine Arts Center Haddon Township NJ 1988-1999
    Figurative and Landscape Techniques in 2D Arts of Oil and Acrylic Painting, Pastel, Charcoal, and Pencil.
  • University of the Arts Philadelphia PA 1995-1997
    Courses in Figure Drawing, Painting, and Photography.
  • Moore Fine Arts Academy Philadelphia PA 1995-1998
    Courses in Sculpture, Clay, and Photography.

Work Experience in the Fine Arts

  • Taonga Glass Kailua HI 2004-Present
    Operates Taonga Glass, designing and fabricating objects including sculpture, goblets, vessels, lighting, sinks, and other home décor. Runs a school, rental facility, and events center through Taonga Glass.
  • Glass Artist Assistant and or Gaffer Nationally 2000-Present
    Glass artist producing products for private artists and factories that need a piece produced for sale. The activities would in some cases include Fabrication,
    Hot and Cold Working Glass, Sales, Shipping, Studio Maintenance, Due to size a detailed list available on request.
  • Glass Instructor Nationally 2003-Present
    Teach beginners to advanced students to make any form of soft glass using hot and cold techniques including sculpture, goblets, vessels, ornaments, and paperweights. Group and Solo Classes taught through private studios, organizations and schools, including (but not limited to): Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle WA), M Space (Tacoma WA), Seattle Glass Blowing (Seattle WA), Uptown Glassworks (Renton WA), Viscosity Glass (Seattle WA), University of Hawaii (Honolulu HI), Taonga Glass (Kailua HI). Classes taught with other artists including but not limited to Paula Stokes, Chad Holliday, Beth Fishman, Cayn Thompson, Scott Graham, Eric Mead, and Noah Dann.
  • Glass Technician Nationally 2004-Present
    Fabricate hot shop equipment including glory holes, furnaces, pipe warmers, garages, electric panels, and kilns for schools or private studios. Repair work on the same types of equipment for Pratt Fine Arts Center, University of Hawaii, Glassy Baby, Taonga Glass, and other studios. Worked on projects with Chad Holliday for Dale Chihuly’s boathouse, Martin Blank Studios, Viscosity Glass, Jeremy Kline’s Studio, and a few other private studios. Currently maintaining Taonga Glass studio and its equipment.
  • Nohea Gallery Oahu HI 2006
    Distribution and Sales of artwork between stores and directly to the buyers.
  • Martin Blank Studios Seattle WA 2004-2006
    Hot shop technician, cold working, installation, mock ups, shipping, sales.
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center Seattle WA 2000-2009
    From Student to Teaching Asisstant and Teacher. Glass Studio Technical Assistant, School Catalogue Distribution, and Events from organizing and set up to demonstrations.
  • Fleicher Art Academy Philadelphia PA 1999
    School maintenance, gallery installations, school enrollment, catalogue distribution.