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The Glass Gallery

Our gallery is normally open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday while hot glass is being made. This 750 square foot gallery space has new work being produced in our studio daily and also showcases award-winning pieces from local and national shows.

Fabrication Space

For artists who need the fabrication space to make a project, cast a mold, build a crate, or do some loud dirty activities, our studio has the space for you! This is community free space for welding, wood fabrication, glass assembly, and more. Common space and tools are shared for this area. For monthly renters daily clean-up is a must, but loft space is provided for projects.

Our facility includes gallery space and a hot and cold glass studio as well as a community-oriented education and events center. The 3,600 square foot building houses a community of local Hawaiian artists as well as a workspace for traveling members of the glass community. Originally a wholesale based company since 2004, the studio expanded its doors in 2011 to a larger facility to build a glass community. Since then many glass enthusiasts and artists have visited from around the world to become a part of it.

The Hot Glass Studio

  • Our 2,100 square foot hot shop is 60×35 feet with 25 foot tall ceilings and 20 foot bay doors on either side to funnel the trade winds
  • 90lb electric furnace
  • Black glory hole with 12 inch retaining ring opening and depth of 22 inches
  • Blue glory hole with 10inch retaining ring opening and depth of 18 inches
  • Green Bit glory hole with 6 inch retaining ring opening and depth of 14 inches
  • Largeglory hole with 24 inch retaining ring opening and depth of 33 inches
  • Four-door garage with 48-22-22 inch interior
  • Top loading kiln with interior 48-24-24 inches
  • 2 Top loading kiln day kilns and casting kilns with interior 54-30-30 inches
  • Small Paragon color oven for heating color bars
  • Medium Paragon color oven perfect for grals and full sized color bars
  • Carlo Dona, Maruko, Jim Moore, Cutting Edge, Blockhead, Steinhart, Corell, and Spiral Arts hand tools, pipes, punties, and molds
  • Hand torches, including propane bench burners, 2 small minor burners, nortel rangers, 1 larger nortel major block, and gas savers as well as air guns
  • Knock off stations for hot polishing
  • Marvers made of stainless, mild steel, brass, and marble
  • Sand casting facilities, including ladles and more
  • Color available for purchase

The Cold Glass Studio

  • Our 750 square foot cold shop is 30-25 feet with 25 foot tall ceilings near a bay 20 foot bay door for natural sun lighting
  • Denver cutting and grinding lathe to use our Vid Bohemia sintered diamond radiased wheels and full set of Vid sintered engraving wheels including olive, mitre, and strap wheels at various 4 & 6 inch diameters from 35 grit to polish
  • 24 inch Steinhart flat wheel with diamond pads from 60 grit to felt and cerium polish
  • Bee wet belt sander, 4 inch belt 106 inch long, with 60 grit to cerium polish belts
  • 14 inch Husquvarna wet chop saw
  • 18 inch Powermatic Drill Press, Belgium Water Feed System and core sintered diamond bits
  • Carlo Dona murinie chopper
  • Alpha wet angle grinders (electric and pneumatic)
  • Alpha wet circular saw
  • Lazy Suzanne for centering and hot popping with use of torches from hot and flame glass studios
  • Leveling tables, granite rolling wash tables, and other cold shop work and cleaning stations
  • Two air compressors for use of pneumatic tools and dry off
  • Cerium oxide on hand available for purchase for polishing


  • Long Bell 7-4 ft kiln for large fusing projects and classes
  • Paragon Janus 16 fusing kiln with electric controller and top or side elements available for small personal fusings
  • Flat glass tables for setting up projects
  • Fusing glass available to purchase for making work

Flame Working Studio

  • Nortel torches, including minor, major, and ranger and major hand torches
  • Front loading kiln
  • Gas lines to hook up individuals torches
  • Soft glass and borosilicate glass available to purchase for making work

Multimedia Room

  • Projector room for slide shows, movies, or for photography for artwork
  • Library of books, videos, and other resources for the public
  • Storage room for working artists